Deadpool 3: Everything we know so far

Deadpool 3: Everything we know so far

Lovers of the franchise have been worried that the upcoming film will not be made due to various factors, including the pandemic. According to recent sources, Deadpool 3 is already in development as part of the Disney-Fox agreement under Marvel Studio.

We started to be concerned about what the hell was going on with the threequel when even Ryan Reynolds was in the dark. However, the film now has an interesting pair of writers on board. And also, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has confirmed that the movie will be produced. Also, Marvel Studio president Kevin Feige previously confirmed that Deadpool 3 is the only R-rated Marvel project in development at Disney.

Here is everything we know so far about the upcoming Deadpool 3 movie.

Deadpool 3 cast

If there’s one thing you can be sure of in life, it’s Ryan Reynolds’ return as Wade Wilson in Deadpool 3. We’ll have to wait and see who else joins Reynolds because no one else has confirmed their participation.

We hope that to see Josh Brolin will play Cable, and Stefan Kapii will play Colossus. At the same time, Brianna Hildebrand will play the Negasonic Teenage Warhead. Shioli Katsuna, Julian Dennison, and Rob Delaney have all been cast as Yukio, Russell, and Peter, respectively.

Vanessa, Deadpool’s girlfriend, has already escaped death in the franchise (as long as the post-credits sequence in Deadpool 2 is canon). And it’s reasonable to suppose she’ll also return for the sequel. However, Morena Baccarin hasn’t confirmed anything yet.

Actor Ryan Reynolds (Photo by Lars Niki/Getty Images)

Deadpool 3 Plot

There is not much information about the film have revealed thus far. But Ryan Reynolds did tell Variety that it will go in a “completely different direction” from the previous installments.

The integration of Deadpool into the Marvel Cinematic Universe would be difficult, but this film could be an opportunity to introduce various Fox characters to the MCU through cameo appearances. Because Deadpool is known for breaking the fourth wall. He might be the ideal narrator to bridge the Fox and Disney storylines together.

Deadpool 3 may also be a soft reboot for the movie, successfully shifting the Disney Deadpool away from the Deadpool that we associate with Fox.

Aside from that, we would also see Deadpool time-traveling.

Negasonic Teenage Warhead has rebuilt Cable’s time machine, according to the end credits in Deadpool 2. She gave the device to Wade, who used it to travel across time and undo all of his previous mistakes. There’s even one where an alternate Ryan Reynolds is shown holding a Green Lantern screenplay. He even tries to assassinate a child, Hitler. The potential of Deadpool integrating into the MCU via time travel will appear in the closing credits.

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Rumors about the villain

According to Marvel movie leaker Daniel Richtman, Jim Carrey has been considered for the role of the villain in Deadpool 3. But there’s no indication yet on who Carrey would play.

We Got This Covered claims that Madcap is one of the possible villains for Deadpool 3. Carrey is a natural fit for the character. Because he breaks the fourth wall as much as Wade Wilson does. According to the same story, Madcap will partner up with Typhoid Mary.

Is There a Trailer?

The trailers are missing because filming has yet to begin. To over-analyze, there are no particular teasers or pictures. But the closest we have is a video Deadpool 2 post-credit scene. The next best thing to the Deadpool trailer is Deadpool hanging out with Korg, making jokes about Disney and Marvel films, as well as Disney Plus.

We’re guessing that the Deadpool 3 trailer won’t release until 2023 at the earliest. However, just because it’s from Disney, don’t expect it to make a bloody spotlight or hint. According to Kevin Feige’s statement on Collider, the film will receive an R rating.

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Is Deadpool now in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

This is a difficult question to answer. While Deadpool was first featured in the standalone X-Men films, Marvel CEO Kevin Feige recently stated that he will join the MCU in his third picture.

While the other X-Men characters are likely to be entirely rebooted in the following of Dark Phoenix’s poor performance. Deadpool remains a beloved character. Thus recasting the role would be a recipe for disaster.

Furthermore, because the character enjoys meta humor, it would be easy for him to dismiss any continuity mistakes with an offbeat remark directed straight down the camera’s lens.

Deadpool 3 release date speculation

Disney has announced a number of upcoming Marvel film release dates. With some films receiving specific dates and others being linked to Marvel films. While no official release date for Deadpool 3 has been confirmed, filming is expected to begin in late 2022 or early 2023.

Ryan Reynolds, who plays Deadpool, previously stated that filming could begin in 2022. Reynolds, on the other hand, announced in October 2021 that he would be taking a break from filming.

Marvel has already announced the titles that will release in the year 2022. On July 8, Thor: Love and Thunder will release. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever will release on November 11. And also, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania will release on February 17, 2023. One of Marvel’s planned release dates, November 3, 2022, is still open. But given that Deadpool 3 has yet to begin filming, the film will most likely be released in 2024.

As a result, while Marvel Studios may have confirmed Deadpool 3, we still don’t have an official release date.

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